Small Square Stool Cloth Sponge Washable 37 37 Strong Bearing Easy to Assemble High Stool (color bluee, Size A) 45cm ntaxnr1767-Furniture

Small Square Stool Cloth Sponge Washable 37  37  45cm Strong Bearing Easy to Assemble High Stool (color   bluee, Size   A)

So we are at the point in Katie’s pregnancy where the baby can literally drop at any moment.  I haven’t really been giving a lot of thought about how all of a sudden there will be a newborn child in the household and maybe it’s a defensive reflex reaction.Music Decor Semicircle Doormat Flying Dandelions with Note Music Summer Meadow Silhouette Softness Simple Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7   Thinking/dwelling on it a lot about it could definitely lead to anxiety and worry which are not two things I do on a regular basis.70th Birthday Semicircle Doormat 70 Years Congrats Symbol Icon Grunge Looking Stamp in Vintage Old Design Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7 Red and White  The baby will come and we will deal with the new reality, that’s just how things go. Until that happens I plan to keep going about with a business as usual attitude.

In fact I really don’t have much of anything  I feel like rambling on about at the moment, so I won’t.




Yesterday on my way in I had the GoPro running to document how effective Tesla auto pilot was managing my daily drive.  The answer is, pretty darn effective.Floral Semicircle Doormat Abstract Spring Inspired Set with Cute Blossoms and Rectangles Geometric Retro Style Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7 Multicolor  I estimate 90% of the drive was driven on AP.  I only assumed control for directional changes and short periods of time.  I even had AP change lanes for me a couple times.  It’s only the beginning of where the tech is going.

It has been quite nice enjoying the Tesla for my daily commute.  When I first got the Tacoma I daily drove it for awhile and loved it but once the Prius became my car it became my sole daily driver. I liked the idea of keeping the Taco in the garage protected from the elements and the odometer staying low.  With the Tesla I have no plans to shelter it in such a manner.  For what it cost, I want to be able to enjoy what I paid for as much as possible.  I don’t need to worry about oil changes or other maintenance other than tire rotation and making sure the windshield washer fluid is topped off so it cuts down on my cares about mileage.

There is a small part of me that wishes I would have went with the longer range model, not because I necessarily needed the extra 70 miles of range but because of the other features like a second motor and more bells and whistles that I mistakenly thought all Model 3’s had going in. Christmas Semicircle Doormat Winter Night Country Landscape with Little House Among Pine Trees and Snow Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7 Navy bluee Yellow The reality is I stretched my auto budget as far as it can be stretched as is, another 10k would have put the purchase into the crazy town category.

Yesterday I was notified that the HomeLink kit I ordered had arrived at the Dania Beach service center.  I took next Thursday and Friday off to give me a long holiday weekend.Girls Semicircle Doormat Drawing of Fashion Girl in Fairyland Spring Field Daisies Artwork Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7 Peach Pale Pink Dark Taupe  On that Thursday I will be driving over there to get the kit installed and to have them try to align the steering wheel for the second time.

Small Square Stool Cloth Sponge Washable 37 37 Strong Bearing Easy to Assemble High Stool (color bluee, Size A) 45cm ntaxnr1767-Furniture

So this morning a snap decision was made in my head that it was time to start trimming back my collection of PEVs.  The first potential target of that effort is the Ultron scooter.  The scooter is fast and fun but really just a rougher version of the Dualtron II Ex we already own.  I bought it originally because I thought I needed it to keep up with Cindy when she is riding the Dualtron.  It’s true that none of my EUCs can comfortably cruise 30mph for long periods of time like the scooter can but an easier/less expensive solution is for Cindy to just slow down a little bit, lol.

So I listed the scooter on OfferUp this morning, the same place the RV has resided for months on end.  I have no idea how easy/difficult it will be to sell but it will be sold, guaranteed. Astronaut Semicircle Doormat The Race to Space Retro Image with Space Crafts Planets Astronaut vs Cosmonauts Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7 Black White It will be nice to get some of the money spent back in my wallet and to have one less PEV sitting in the dining room.

Today on my drive to work I had the GoPro running the entire time.  My goal was to have Auto Pilot engaged as much as possible to demonstrate how it handles different road types and situations.  It will be a bit challenging to edit the footage in a way that makes it decent but I will get it to work.  Non-Tesla owners find this sort of stuff very interesting to watch, I know I did.

For those of you out there that digest the waste product that comes out of President Trump’s mouth without any intellectual analysis like a human centipede, I wanted to make an effort to break one link of the chain of madness for you. Animal Semicircle Doormat Wildlife Woods Winter Animal Wolf Dog Sketchy Hand Drawn Image Artwork Print Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7 Black and White One of the things Don has been spewing regarding the trade negotiations with China is that tariffs are a good thing that benefit the US, bringing billions of dollars to the US government.  Here is a quote from the other day “Tariffs will bring in FAR MORE wealth to our Country than even a phenomenal deal of the traditional kind. Also, much easier & quicker to do…”

Ok since Donald evidently doesn’t understand the logistics of tariffs here is the cliff notes version.  China does NOT pay the tariffs.  The businesses in the US that buy/import goods from China pay the tariffs. Those increased costs then almost always are passed down the chain to the consumer meaning every Tom, Dick, and Harry is paying the tariff, not China. Christmas Semicircle Doormat Santa Claus in a Classic Car with Bag of Toys Snow Winter Starry Night New Year Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7 Teal Red I have also heard Trump say these tariffs have made the US government billions of dollars, again ignorantly.  He seems to think a tariff is a check written by China that is deposited into a federal government account.  Nope, it basically is a tax on goods that we all pay.

So this explanation does not mean that I think that the China/US trade imbalance is not an issue, it is.  For decades the Chinese have stacked the deck by basically playing dirty pool.  However as is often the case with President Big League, whether it is intentional or just pure ignorance, he is misleading the populace on how this all really works.  The unfortunate thing is how many millions will accept his ignorant/false statements as facts and will quickly move on, looking for the next piece of poop to munch on.



Of course I can’t spoil the most recent episode of Game of Thrones but let’s just say it was shocking, in many ways.  It certainly pushed forward certain stereotypes about the female gender.Lake Semicircle Doormat Various Sized Condensed Rocks in River at Evening Time When Lamps Down Marine Theme Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7 Grey Green  Crazy shit, they certainly have a lot of hard moments to settle up before the 8 year mega-series wraps up next week.

Some people may be wondering why I don’t do more commentary regarding the incredulous things going on in Washington DC on a daily basis.Fantasy World Semicircle Doormat Surreal Werewolf with Electric Eyes in Full Moon Transformation Folkloric Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7 Purple bluee  It seems everyday the bar keeps getting shoved lower and lower.  At this point it’s probably at whatever height the depths of hell is.

Plant Semicircle Doormat Basalt Stones with Bamboo Leaves Sticking Water Droplets Harmony of Nature Halfmoon doormats H 51.1 xD 76.7 Dark Taupe Lime GreenThe fact that we have US Senators publicly advising individuals to ignore subpoenas would seem like something of far reached fiction if you proposed it three or four years ago. But today it is just another day in the Trump Era which has succeeded in disgusting me to the point where I just don’t care anymore.  These last couple years has taught the nation that if you have enough power/money, there truly is no consequences for bad or in this case, abhorrent behavior. Floral Half Round Door mats Flower of Life with Florets and Leaves Inside Circle Cosmos Beauty Image Bathroom Mat H 51.1 xD 76.7 Light Pink Fern Green  I truly hate the political system in the United States, it’s corrupt to it’s core and needs to be bored out like a root canal.